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We check in with Paul about uploading songs to iTunes and Jacob about his prison rodeo days. Jock vs nerd and scoop Mail.

Plus, we launch Flat Kidney project. Print out your flat kidney image from our Facebook or Twitter page and share adventure pics with flat kidney to cheer up recovering kidney cancer survivor Laura E. Have fun! The boys are drunk with power! Plus scoop mail and jock vs nerd. The boys welcome their new Australian friends into the church for a tasteful exploration of culture, politics, and relationships.

Show runner for the hilarious web hit cartoon White Ninja, Tyler Funk gives us a behind the scenes look on putting out 90 new episodes of White Ninja in 5 months. Matt takes his kids to the circus again and Paul reads a book. Jock vs Nerd and a Scoop Mail. What does jersey boys closing mean for Matt future in Vegas. Plus scoop mail and jock vs nerd! All the nonsense that's fit to print. Scoop Mail and Jock versus Nerd.

Notorious vegas vocalist and sexy saxophonist, Sam Lemos talks about he debut solo project and upcoming Las Vegas outdoor concert while matt and Paul make porn jokes. Jock versus nerd and scoop mail happen as well. Paul actually did the whole episode this time around. Plus, some nonsense and jock vs nerd and scoop mail. While Paul slumbers with his comic books and dogs, Matt and Jacob answer a bunch a of scoop mail. Paul shows up after handling some telemarketers and then the tackle Jock Vs. You can vote once a day, everyday until June 12th. Donald Drumpf can't sell coffee, Matt can't talk about his kids, Paul can't breath.

Scoop Mail and Jock Vs. Paul educates Matt about wearing sunglasses.

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The boys discuss censorship on social media. Scoop mail, jock vs nerd. Excuse us while we whip this one out. Two hot dudes who make a living artistically wrangling their well endowed junk into shapes talk about like in Puppetry of the Penis, Las Vegas. Win tickets to their show which is Thursday through Sunday at the Erotic Museum at 8pm. We accidentally get caught up talking about the election which we hate and we aren't good at. Then we take a real serious turn as two of the boys lost a friend.

Download e-book Greasing the Piñata (San Francisco Noir)

Then we attempt to pull up and do our goddamn jobs and try to be funny with scoop mail and jock vs. GNR vs Metallica revisited. Matt has a hot sister. Paul's Father in Law takes in Paul's full body of work. Matt has some real white boy problems.

Stealing the Dragon

Matt looks back at working at NYFA. Jacob gets a painting. Jock vs. Paul Mattingly severely sprains foot. Lots of stuff went down in jock town. Plus the very special announcement for a Halloween contest. Breon Jenay, Vegas chapel minister, stops by to talk about Las Vegas' craziest and dominant industry- getting hitched. Plus Scoop Mail and Jock Vs. America's favorite Yoko Ono returns.

Maleeny, Tim 1962-

Martin Crownover has an amazing surprise for the boys. Matt has to leave mid episode and SJ takes over. Meaculpas, scoop deadlines, a whole bunch of nonsense, plus scoop mail and jock vs nerd.

Exposing the Under the Table Business of Homelessness in San Francisco

Paul and Jacob have seen Batman vs Superman. Scoop Mail-another doozy and jock vs nerd. Scoop Augie Carton send some delicious homemade beer to the church which leads to almost an hour long discussion of showering and hygiene.

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The boys talk about death of Rob Ford, wrestling, diet, and our northern neoghbor's perception of the presidential election. First we fail at trying to not start off the show talking about the weather. Then we add another layer to our popular topless show pitch, Chapeau.

  • Las Cruces is Celebrating May in a Monumental Way!.
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Happy St. Patrick's Day scoops. We have an exclusive interview with Sandy the Leprechaun. Our special NCAA tournament preview-kidding! Jerrod from subway's list of creepy things. Matt announces a show in LA at Nerdist on March Thanks to all our patreon backers, especially Howard Jackson, we are releasing a surprise episode to kick off the work week. Speaking of surprises, Matt's old college roommate happens to be coming through Las Vegas on a road trip the night the boys were recording.

He is the editor for all things Grace Helbig and other youtube stars, he was an true internet pioneer, but mostly he talks about his crazy past with Matt.

Nerd and tragic Scoop Mail. Drumpf, Skunks, jock vs nerd, scoop mail and why do you care We try to be funny. Just take it in. We get the deal and the real deal for what's it's like in the independent corners professional wrestling. We review the year's best films regardless of whether we've seen them.

Matt sees Deadpool before Paul for some reason. Plus, Scoop Mail, and jock vs nerd. Las Vegas' most respected and feared entertainment columnists, Mike Wetheford, blows off work to spend time in the churn. He gets to see how the other half lives as Paul and Matt review his life. Plus, a huge huge thank you to our new Patrons and supporters on patreon. It was an overwhelming and amazing week. Patreon achievement unlocked! Pope approved condom usage. Paul has chocolate donut nightmares. Scoop Mail, Scoop Ads, jock vs nerd. The boys talk Scorpion and Paul most timely joke ever made at Secund City.

They try not to get distracted by the horrible rounds of karaoke happening behind them. Scoop Mail and jock vs nerd. A public service announcement about vaginal safety is made. Paul buys a new car and Matt remembers that time he upset a car salesman. Paul is in a wreck and needs a check.

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Good Bye storm trooper mobile. Matt is filthy. Paul checks out an old Action movie. Super Bowl commercial recap. Jock vs nerd and scoop mail! He even sits in for Scoop Mail and Jock Vs. We make up for a lack of Fatty Rabbit Holes in previous episodes with a doozy of one to open the show. Saman JJ makes an appearance on his Vegas visit. Nerd and scoop mail.

Matt is on the hunt for dudes. Paul hates Jurassic World. Scoop Mail and Jock Vs Nerd! Ryer's internship ends with a trip to the porn convention. Paul's famous balls get the razor treatment.